Analyzing Quantum Based Random Number Generator

OData support
Dr. Bacsárdi László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

We can feel the decreasing tendency in the growth of our devices computing capacity. An average user does not feel any speed difference between a computer produced four years ago and a brand new personal computer (provided she/he is not a gamer). Technically, we can bring with us this computing capacity in our pockets, thats why the people create more data (photos, videos, etc). But that data need more computing performance to processing.

These and similar problems will solved by quantum computing, but what is the different between this young science and the classical informatics?

In my thesis, I searched the answer for these questions in the world of random numbers, which is nowadays base of IT security systems. Quantum computing poses a threat for those systems.

In the begining of my thesis, I will provide a short overview of quantum computing and quantum communications. After than random number generators will be in the focus, specially the quantum random number generators will create randomness based on the principles of quantum mechanics. After that, I will take a short market research about quantum random generators.

Before I created the quantum random generator simulatations, I learned about quantum circuit and some of quantum programming languages. I runned my own quantum program source code on a real quantum based computer.


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