Repeaters in Quantum Networks

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Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The evolving science of quantum information holds new and exciting opportunities for the scientific community. The advent of the quantum computers effects an extraordinary growth on the computational capacity, but developing quantum networks is still a challenge for researchers, thanks to the impossibility of copying the quantum states, and to the exponential loss rate, caused by the communication channels.

In my work, I attempt to present those special devices that try to provide a solution for the occurring problems. These devices are called quantum repeaters, which exploit a special quantum mechanical phenomenon, called entanglement to access yet an unknown large computational speed by realizing large scale telecom networks.

The presentation is divided into four major sections. In the first, I introduce the necessary basic knowledge about quantum mechanics. In the second, I specify the realization of the quantum networks. In the third, I examine the efficiency of the quantum repeater networks, and in the last section, I try to draw up a future vision using quantum repeaters.


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