Development of Quiz Framework for Android platform

OData support
Gazdi László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays more and more people have some kind of smart devices which leads to the increasing demand for mobile applications. Mobile applications can be useful in many aspects of life: in our daily routine, entertainment, work and even in studying or education. It can be said that for now there is an application for almost every area.

I have developed an application which can stand its ground in more than one field. A qiuz cannot be used only for playing since the same form appears in education in the form of tests or questionnaires, of course without the correct answers. The purpose of my application is to satisfy all the demands in a standard level. Furthermore, for certain areas the application to be adjusted for personal preference therefore it is expandable. The application, in its current version, accomplishes a quiz game that the players can access through a local network. The application can be separated into two parts: a server application and a client application. The user of the server application is the quizmaster. He controls the game, chooses the questions and receives all the information about the answers. He can even make up and use their own list of questions during the game.

The user of the client application is the player. Their only task is to answer the questions using their best knowledge.


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