Design of LED cube

OData support
Varga Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of the project is to investigate the literature of LEDs and LED cubes, their applications, how they work, how to build them (the cubes), what different control system designs are there and compare these results, see what the pros and cons are for the different solutions. After thoroughly researching the topic, we have to design an own LED cube and control system, one that fulfils the task requirements (it has to be a 5x5x5 normal LED cube) but can also be developed further for RGB LEDs and/or bigger cubes. It has to be explained how the whole system works, what the most important parts or elements of the system are, what components were used, what decisions were made during the project and how we made those decisions (for example choosing a device over another one), what the design and building steps were, how the LED cube was constructed and how good the system turned out to be. The results have to be evaluated and along with possible further development steps, some ways of improving the system have to be included as well.


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