Development of a modular "Class A" solar simulator based on LEDs

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

My thesis presents the design and build of the illumination device of the solar simulator unit developped at the Department of Electronic Devices. The most important goal is to reproduce the solar spectrum as closley as possible and to achive Class A certification level of the solar simulator IEC - 60904-9 standard.

I based my work on the results of the circuit testing I have carried out as part of the Independent laboratory course activiy. I significant proportion of the test phase was dedicated to the analysis of different light sources. My goal was to achieve the wavelength ratios was confirming to the above standard, using the appropriate combinations of light sources. I used the TERALED integrating sphere and the Ocean Optics spectrometer to take the measurements.

In the second phase I have selected the light sources that conformed to the required standard, then designed and constructed a test box and continued testing. I carried out the study in an integrating sphere, the results were evaluated using a MATLAB simulation program I have preapred. This program is described in detail in the paper.

In the third phase based on the measurement and the simulation results, I proposed a Class A type, matrix layout lighting unit with a luminous flux reaching a value of 1000 W/m2 and confirming to the homogeneity required standard. The development continued with the design of the control panel with which made it pssible to operate separatley the the different types of LEDs. I have closed my thesis with discussing the direction of further development.


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