LED light with sound control and infrared remote controller

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays light emitting doides (leds) are prevailing due to their long lifespan and better efficiency. They also have more compact size, making them an optimal choice for a small mood-lightning application at home. My thesis uses three of these aformentioned leds, a red, a blue and a green one. With them, and the help of an infrared remote controller, the user can cozily set the color of the lamp with the standard RGB coloring method. The experiece is further enhanced by a second mode of the lamp, where the color of the emitted light changes from the nearby sounds received by the microphone of the application. In general, we get a really spectecular consumer electronics, which is driven by a simple microcontroller. Because of the microcontroller the application can be customized easily to the individual user, it just needs a quick reprogramming. For these customizing purposes, and for further enhancement, the application also has an extra EEPROM memory, because the microcontroller’s memory is limited. One of the possibly further enhancement is, for example, a sound recognising system. This means, that the lamp could be controller by command words, which is even easier than the infra remote controller.


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