Demonstration of LTE – Wi-Fi handovers

OData support
Dr. Cinkler Tibor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics


This thesis investigates how the cost of the mobile data traffic can be reduced applying Wi-Fi or hotspots technologies instead. We study the possibilities how the data traffic can be transferred across these environments without the user detecting the process, namely seamless.

A European Union project, Combo also deals with this topic, they study how the results of these researches can be applied in the future namely how the Wi-Fi network and the mobile internet can work together.

In chapter 3 the English references are summarized. A survey about the infrastructures’ entities of the handover implementation are presented, as well as the protocols, the identifications, the authentications and even the (vertical/heterogenic) handovers across various network environments, likewise HotSpot 2.0, Wi-Fi, ANDSF and QoS are discussed.

In chapter 4 the seamless handovers are presented without quality reduction in both direction.

Android and Linux operation systems are used as an end point terminal and the results are evaluated. In subsections 4.1-4.4 our own results are summarized.

Three measurement layouts are created, in the first case two Wi-Fi and one interface, in the second case two Wi-Fi and two interfaces, while in the third case a 3G and a Wi-Fi network are applied. At the second layout two different experiment are studied, both for the seamless case. At the fourth layout simultaneous connections are detected via 3G and Wi-Fi. At the first case the two interfaces work together while at the second case one of the interfaces works as a backup path. In the subsection 4.5 other technologies are investigated for the vertical handover, it is written using the references.

Summarizing our results the phenomenon of the seamless handover at the second layout can be proved which can be an important application in the future.


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