Impact of wave propagation in LTE microwave networks

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Dr. Bitó János
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In the fast-moving world, eveluation of the mobile telecommunication systems tend towards an increased data speed. This trend is followed by the next generation of mobile networks which is the LTE (Long Term Evolution). Reliable transmission of data must be included in the process. In my thesis, I aimed to introduce how to transfer data between of two dedicated points in different topology to minimize the data loss.

First I study the design of the LTE system, then the phenomena of wave propagations, especially the disturbing effects. I give details about the properties of the rain attenuation and present the used models.

In the second part of my thesis I present a hypothetical and a real topologies which will show the qualitative communication of the links, if a rain cell passes over the monitoring area. First I examine the attenuation of the links, then the bit-error-ratio assuming that the modulation is QPSK. Successfully I realize that the best-way-searching algorithm can find the optimal path between two selected points.


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