Modulation and Coding Questions of LTE Systems

OData support
Drozdy Árpád
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

During the development of the 4th generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) telecommunication systems an indispensable problem was to be solved which was searching answers for the modulation and coding questions of the new LTE network, providing the most optimal transmission even at extreme circumstances. These require simulations with realistic elements like the negative effects of noises e.g. white noise, but the precise implementation of the modulation and coding methods are also essential in order to have a perfect duplicate of the system which gives us the most reliable results while testing.

The main subject of my thesis is to decide which modulation and coding schemes are required to be used at different signal-to-noise ratio values in order to have minimal bit error rate and highest bit rate (which means the least additional redundant bits to be used for error checking). This thesis is to make recommendations for these questions and provide results that can be even used when designing an LTE network.


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