Investigation of LTE Schedulers

OData support
Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Mobile data communication systems are continuously growing and evolving all around the world. It’s really not a surprise as the spread of place independent internet access and the users desire to have more easier and more broad variety of possibilities of communications are really the driving of the developments, which are seem to be unstoppable.

As an answer to this exponentially growing need, the 3GPP developed the new, fourth generation specification, so called LTE or Long Term Evolution. This specification, which is really a set of specifications with more than 150 individual specifications describe almost every to dos, regulations and suggestions, but there are some exceptions. To help the competition on the market, they didn’t define everything.

One of these topics is the scheduling. This basic fundamental of the radio interface is left open to be realized by the equipment producers and the interface programmers. In my paper, besides giving an insight to the specifics of LTE systems, I select and investigate more than 10 algorithms from the last couple of years, which found to be suitable to implement, and from these I simulate some in an environment that I developed and programmed on my own.


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