Football Game Analysis based on Image Processing

OData support
Dr. Kovács Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Especially in Europe, but all around the world, the association football always was

one of the most popular sport. That is why, it plays important role in our society. Almost

everyone plays this nice game or has at least a favourite team. And naturally, everyone

would like to see his squad win. Thus, the teams aim to be the best. Because of this

ambition, several significant improvements were introduced in the recent hundred years.

The players have almost reached their limits physically; their lives are controlled by a

whole medical team to be ready for the next challenge.

Nowadays, the tactics definitely seem to be a field where the teams can perform

better than their rivals. An optimized tactic can have drastic influence on the outcome of

the game. Hence, the clubs must be up-to-date in connection with its own teams and with

their opponents. So, the task is given, the clubs need to collect as much data as they are

able to. We can simply accept that the match data are the most important among them.

In my thesis, I introduce some important or interesting companies that exist on the

market of football analytics. We see that this segment of the industry is changing rapidly.

And it can be a good example of the globalization.

After this chapter, I present the main theoretical and practical approaches of the

image processing. They are extremely important to solve the key issue how we can track

the players. I intended to remain followable because some of these ideas are complicated.

The next two chapters are about my two computer programs: I had to develop a basic

graphical tool which can be used by trainers to analyze game videos. The next one

automatically generates statistics from recordings. Of course, these programs are not

capable to compete with the existing professional solutions but they let us see what

happens behind the scenes. In the last part of the thesis, I sum up my experiences and I

try to make a suggestion on an ideal system.


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