Soccer betting game implementation in Java Framework with React frontend

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

I wanted to implement an application within the confines of my bachelor’s thesis, which solves a real problem and belongs to my field of interest. During this summer (2016) my friends and I started to make bets on the European Championship (Euro 2016) amongst each other. We handled these bets in an Excel table, which wasn’t so convenient at all. That’s why I decided to create a software, which can automate the flows of the betting game that the only manual interaction would be the bet making itself.

As the Euro 2016 ended this summer I had to find another football season, whereof the necessary data is provided by an outer service. I made my choice on the German Cup.

The server-side component is written in Java, with the use of plenty of Spring systems. I did the implementation of the frontend layer with the modern, rapidly developing React framework.

In my thesis, I am presenting the technologies used in my application and I am pointing out the importance of these technologies as well. I am also clarifying the requirements for my software. I am demonstrating the backend and the frontend architecture with diagrams, and writing about the details of the implementation with code snippets. I am creating a user’s manual as well.


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