Building a labyrinth game on Windows 8

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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

People of today’s world experience a massive progress of development in the field of mobile devices. Just a few years ago, the major contributors were the personal computers, while today, the smart phones and, in the near future, the so called „tablets” will play a vital role in our everyday lives. Currently, Microsoft’s share is relatively small in the global mobile market, however, its strong brand, stability and the number of users are clearly the guarantee that it’s worth getting to know the new Windows version, which purely focusing on tablets of the world.

My thesis was intended to introduce the development process on the new platform from concept to commercialization. The reason of my choice was retrieved from my childhood’s favorite game, so called „wood labyrinth”. When making the specification, my goal was to keep the original style of the game with supporting the new technologies in an innovative way.

Taking the very first step, I started assessing the development opportunities and market potential in Microsoft’s new platform. There are a number of physical engines (both free of charge and payable) which a developer can choose from. After assessing the number of possible directions, I finally decided to work with an engine, which supported the physics of the real world, acting in the game. After the analysis of the in kind games currently available, the final specification was completed, becoming the base of the development afterwards.

No doubt, I developed the application for a new platform, the development was smooth without major bottlenecks, thanks to Microsoft’s huge knowledge base, which was published at the same time when the platform came out. The only issue I came across with when dealing with the creation of the control. Unfortunately, there were not any tools for simulating datas coming from device sensors, used for the controlling.

Preparing for the publish process of Windows Store, I had to make the game valuable, equipped with exciting tracks and attractive graphics. I believe the result of my effort is verified by the download statistics of the game.

At the end of my thesis, I listed a couple of development opportunities going further, which would make the game a more fascinating and enjoyable one.


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