Developing labyrinth FPS game using Unity3D framework

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Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My task for this semester is to create a game with the Unity 3D framework. The specialty of my game is that the game field is new and different at every start. That’s because the field which is a maze is randomly generated by an algorithm. This is important because if this wouldn’t be this way the game would become boring for the second or the third time, because everyone would remember the way to the exit by then.

First, I have to get to know with the Unity 3D system and I have to introduce this very popular game engine.

To make the maze I have to find the proper algorithm that I have to implement. First, I must examine a variety of algorithms so that I can compare them. After that I can decide which one I want to choose for my game.

My game is in First Person View and the goal is to find the exit from the maze.

The game will be an FPS, which stands for First-Person Shooter so I have to implement some enemies that the player has to fight. These enemies will be different kinds of monsters. They could be shot but if the player is not careful enough they can hurt him and this could cause the end of the game.

For that reason, I will place some extra life on the field where I also place some extra score too to make the game experience better.


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