LabVIEW-based virtual instrumentation measurement control of automotive environment

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays in the midrange and high-end cars, the automatic gear system is quite wide-spread, which can facilitate the situation of the driver and it has got beneficial effect on the fuel consumption and the toxic material content of the exhaust-fume. Such Transmission Control Units (TCU) are designed and created by the line of business GS-TC of Bosch.

Software and hardware development is equally in progress at the Development Center of Bosch Budapest. Bosch provides the hardware of the control unit electronics, the electrohidraulic actuators (the control of the gear box is realized by magnetic valves) and a low-level operating and diagnostic software. The high-level control program is customer specific. For instance there are different gear algorithms at BMW or Audi.

Internally in the company the test of the hardware functions is executed by the so-called download routines, which realize interface through CAN for the controller functions of the hardware peripherals.

My task was to create a test application, which can call the test functions of the download routine after the suitable authentical steps. For instance the settings of the currents of the magnet valves and the reading of the AD converter of the TCU.

National Instruments Labview proved to be good for this task. I began my work with the overview of the Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) protocol. The next step was the implementation of the UDS, which provides the frame of the program. The further development of the program is not so difficult because of the modular nature of my software.

The program currently can handle one general hardware peripherals test download routine. The realized functions: query of the integrated temperature sensors of the TCU, power on of the high-sides of the magnet valves, watchdog deactivation, settings of the current of magnet valves and the activation of the related current compensation function.

My further task is to implement 2 more download routines, wherewith the EEPROM of the TCU and the flash memory become available.


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