Rasberry Pi based home automation

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Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis is Rasberry Pi based home automation. I will develop a home automation system, with more modules, which communicates to each other and it has some functions. The user can watch these on a webpage, and possible to control the devices, for example, can turn on-off the lamp. The webpage running on the Raspberry Pi, like server application, which check the datas and control. The application store important informations in database. My works are these functions and modules, developing and programming, what I successful has been created and ended. I designed and programmed 3 modules, created the server application, webpage and the database.

All embedded system and home automation system have lot of problem with developing and I have been learning a lot when I do my thesis. I have ideas, how need to work and what must do a system, like this.

For server application I use NodeJS, on the Raspbian Linux distribution. The 3 modules designed in Altium Designer, and I exported the project's informations and important documents to PDF file.


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