Electrical design of apartment building

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Today, the more rapidly evolving technology in all areas of life, gives for our home even more advanced and more complex functionality. We could take these possibilities, if the buildings mount with automation systems. These devices are almost complete controls of the buildings already provide opportunities for widespread control of lighting, temperature regulation through properly adapted to the custom requirements devices management.

Today's buildings operated in energy saving system because of growing energy demand. Therefore, increasing the building's energy equipment based on various renewable energy sources. Thus reducing the building's energy purchased from outside sources, and mitigating against environmental pressures.

It is recommended that construction works are also equipped with protective devices to protect the safety of the building tenants and the previously mentioned considerable financial investment systems. That can reduce or prevent the building-length external and internal impacts arising in respect of damage, for example as burglaries or fires harmful event caused by these losses.

In my thesis I would like to show the current technical possibilities are at the level of the electrical network of a house in respect of the preparation of the building's electricity from renewable sources of energy, automation and protection systems.


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