Residental buildings’ energy supply with renewable energy sources

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Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays we can easily read about the renewable energy sources, we can see many advertisements about the devices if we are searching for home renovations. In my thesis, I will examine these technologies which are applicable on the residential buildings and I will try to legitimate the efficiency of these.

At the beginning of the document, I am speaking about the renewable energy sources without going into the deep details. If we want to maximize the efficiency of the devices, which are using renewable energy sources, we need to examine the climatic conditions and considering this knowledge we can define the optimized placement and the ideal size of the devices that are using solar power. After that, I am going to talk about the European Union's regulations.

The main part of my thesis is to specify the measurement that I made at an almost fully completed house, and further that to demonstrate the efficiency of these renewable sources through calculated technical datas. In virtue of my measurement that I made on the house, I will show the energy certification for the actual house and also the other so-called "scenarios", which are using other energy constructions. Nowadays along with the growing numbers and degree of subsidy, setting up a system using renewables is a heavy investment. I will make a few calculations about the pay-offs.


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