Residental buildings’ energy supply with renewable energy sources

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Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Energy consumption is becoming one of the fundamental problems today, since non-renewable energy resources are decreasing year by year, however there is an increasing demand for their use. Using green energy and improving energy efficiency can be the solution. The technology associated with it is evolving rapidly, so the nations must keep up with it, because it became a major element in their competitiveness.

Like neighboring states, Hungary is also striving for the use of renewable energy sources. I present some of the technologies based on this in the first part of my Thesis. I detail typical types of buildings in our country and their energy consumption tendencies, as we spend a significant part of our energy demand on the supply of buildings. Investigating the electrical supply of specific buildings, I will present how to increase their energy efficiency and how it can be realized with an investment plan taking into consideration the environmental potential and usable energy resources.

More software applications were also made to support investments and decision-making. Based on the given parameters, these show the energy classification of a building, the improvement possibilities with the existing techniques or the costs of implementation. During my diploma work, I also develop a basic program that will help the user to choose a solution with presenting the advantages and disadvantages of using solar panel systems.


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