Design of lightning protection and building management system of a family house

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The most important challenge of our times is to create a sustainable civilization based on the respect and acknowledgment of the world that we live in and surrounds us. Mankind had and still is being interfered with the climate of our Earth, and is impairing the environment due to technological progression and evolution. To reduce the harmful side effects of our current way of life, it’s important to increase the energy efficiency of our existing devices, and to spread the awareness of energy consumption throughout society as a whole. An other non-negligible point of wiew is to spread the modern, up-to-date, energy efficient building solutions applying renewable energies worldwide, by using them widely in our everyday life.

In September, 2012 the Solar Decathlon Europe competition was held in Madrid, in order to show a possible alternative for energy efficiency and technological challenges of our age.

In my thesis work I’m describing the Odoo house, the project delegated to the competition by the Hungarian team. I’m presenting the building automation system in details with the devices used for the surge limiting system, and later on the calculations for the lightning protection proceedings.

Firstly, I’m describing the competition itself. Then I will provide an overview of the innovative developments and comfort conditions that needed to be taken into consideration during the planning process. After that I’m discussing the planning and implementation of the building automation systems KNX, OPC and Dali, and furthermore the possibilities of development in the different systems of the building. Lastly, I will describe the surge protection systems used in the strong current side, and the lightning protection calculations according to the 62305 standards. In the appendix the measurement reports on shock protection can also be found.


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