Implementation of residential mortgage lending process with IBM Business Process Manager and SPARK technologies

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The residential mortgage loan is an essential element of the bank service portfolio. A loan request, however, has to undergo a series of information collection, check and inspection before disbursement. To name but a few: reception, data verification, evaluation, contracting. Each of these phases contain tasks, which has to be performed by the bank workers. Since the workflow is complex and diversified, and involves various departments, it is essential to make it faster and more efficient. An implementtation of the workflow in a process motor is a prefect solution for the problem.

Within the confines of my thesis, my goal was to implement a process model and the associated web forms in order to support the task of bank workers. The dissertation includes the preliminary research, the description of the used technologies, and the detailes of the process of realization of the task.

As the first step of realizing this task, I got acquainted with the terminology and methods of Business Process Management, and the IBM Business Process Manager, within that the IBM Process Designer technologies in particular. With the aid of these, I designed, then implemented the process model of residential mortgage loan lending, segmented into subtasks, and also created the underlying logical model.

In the second part, I implemented the web forms through which the users can interact with the system. Using these web forms, the subtasks can be executed, data can be assigned or modified. To accomplish this, I studied the so called web coaches and SPARK technology, which allows us to create the web coaches.

Finally, I tested the system.

As I was working on my thesis, I gained immense amount of useful experience and knowledge in both process modeling and business processes.


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