Validating a laparoszcopic box trainer

OData support
Dr. Steiner Henriette
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is a popular alternative to open procedures. The advantages of MIS include the reduction of postoperative pain, blood loss, shorter hospitalization and rehabilitation time and also a more aesthetic scar. Laparoscopy is a MIS procedure which allows intra-abdominal organ inspection and to perform several surgical interventions without using big incisions for opening the abdomen.

Laparoscopy requires a significant amount of practice, the skills needed on behalf of the surgeon have to be developed. This can be achieved by using laparoscopic simulators, surgical trainers. Even though if in the past few years several laparoscopic trainers have been developed, the demand for cheap, easily accessible trainers is still high. The Apollo laparoscopic box trainer represents a useful and affordable solution for practicing skills required in laparoscopic surgeries. The usefulness of the surgical simulator and the accuracy of the performed tasks have to be validated by performing several measurements.

The purpose of this thesis is the validation of the Apollo trainer by measuring the time required to perform various MIS tasks, by the statistical evaluation of the results and by developing an experimental arrangement which uses optical tracking. The measurements performed on a tracking system provide an objective means to test the subjects’ surgical abilities. By analyzing several aspects of their movements during laparoscopic exercises, important data on individual performance and metrics can be acquired.


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