Application Development for Vision Research

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The subject of my thesis is to develop an application which supports retina research. Time and space filtering are important to examine retina behaviour. In this work I implement a space filtering algorithm with OpenCL based Fast Fourier transformation. I show some interoperation possibilities between OpenCL and OpenGL within the implementation. I compare the algorithm with an OpenGL filtering implementation based on performance.

Some creatures only sensitive to high frequency light, so the application needs to support a high frequency display. I show the operation principles of a high frequency display in my thesis and implement the support for the display in the program.

Sometimes the user only wants to render some parts of the image, so in the application I create a Catmull-Rom based curve editor module. In this module the user can select areas to render. I make the implementation in python with PyOpenGL package.

We need to generate random numbers for some stimuli. In some cases, we need only one frame in a stimulus without the previous frames. We need a random number generator algorithm which generate numbers without the usage of previous random numbers to make this functionality possible.


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