Design of a program for calculating airborne sound insulation

OData support
Nagy Attila Balázs
Department of Networked Systems and Services


Calculating sound insulation between rooms is an important part of engineering design, because it is necessary to keep specific noise limits. A program that can estimate acoustic performance of buildings from the performance of elements, can be helpful for a designer engineer. In the present thesis a software is introduced, which is able to do estimation on the basis of MSZ EN 12354-1:2000 Standard. During my work I get to know the Standard, the concept of sound reduction and the necessary quantities and methods for calculation. I examined two similar program for estimating sound reduction. I compared their usability and I designed my own software. I added a userfriendly graphical interface to my main program. In order to check wheather the operation of my finished program is correct I compared its results to other softwares’ results and I also tested the examples given in Standard MSZ EN 12354-1:2000. Accordig to the tests my program is basically correct, the cause of differences emerged are investigated.


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