Conflict resolution in air traffic control

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Air travel became one of the modern world’s most important and rapidly advancing field. Unlike it’s counterparts (ground and sea transport) air transport is a relatively young branch. With the numbers of airplanes growing the traffic is becoming more and more complex. It is imperative to consider the topic of maintaining a safe air traffic as well, because with the complexity increasing increases the likelihood of human error too. Control theory’s achievements of the 20th century lend a great foundation for researching this field.

This thesis deals with a prominent topic of air traffic control, namely decentralized control. It is assumed, that the aircrafts have a cruising altitude, so the movement happens in two dimensions. First the control problem is inspected with robotic agents, which have simpler kinematic equations, but the control law is similar. From this foundation it is possible to devise a control strategy suitable for aircraft with the help of model predictive control. My approach focuses on the pragmatic aspects, I attempt to implement a control found in the literature and analyze the simulation results.


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