Air traffic control with artificial intelligence methods

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the last years the higher demand for flight travel thus the increase of air traffic made the usage of more and more aircraft necessary. This higher demand made it harder for the currently widespread systems to cope with the new problems discussed in my thesis. The tight schedules and the ever higher flight velocity, alongside other factors increase the risk of accidents because pilots and dispatchers need to make more and more decisions even faster to solve upcoming conflicts. The capabilities of us humans are very limited in this terms. To keep flight travel safe despite the new needs, new solutions and technologies are required. One of the possible solutions, the so called "multi-agent systems" is acting as the basis for my thesis with the goal for collision-free, high demand air traffic control. The previous method is needed for more efficient workload distribution and opens up the possibility for less centralized traffic control. The key factors for my work are the detection of emergencies and the algorithms to prevent them.


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