Design of a hovercraft

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Kálmán Viktor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis aims the topic of the development and fabrication of a small-sized hovercraft vehicle platform, which is suitable for completing computer controlled tasks and autonomous path tracking.

The building of the vehicle platform contains the creation of a stable model body, the fixation on the body of the ventilators and the design of the hardware and software unit of the controlling electronics of the ventilators with a microprocessor.

During the literature research I have became familiar with the types and parameters of the stability and controlling properties of the hovercraft vehicles and the sensor system, which is required for determine the position of the vehicle.

In this thesis the shape, size of the designed hovercraft vehicle and the reasons of the choices are described in details. The electronics and hardware for controlling the engines, and the engines are introduced. Furthermore, I describe its communication with the PC, sensor data processing, algorithm of the control system. Finally summary of my experience and some of the possible future development directions are presented.

During the development of the hovercraft vehicle I have gained comprehensive picture from the requirements of design a system. The experience of construction and testing of the vehicle contributed significantly to improve my engineering mindset.


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