Optimizing the due list calculation for releases in SAP Supply Network Collaboration

OData support
Beluzsár János
Department of Electronics Technology

The task of SNC (Supply Network Collaboration) is the maintenance, coordination and checking of the network of Supply Chain Management- SCM including more aspects which is a new, modern logistic trend based on the logistic. SNC with its well structured interface helps to make the different operations easy to perform and maintain with its related documents: purchase order, replenishment, releases, advanced shipping notifications and different delivery documents.

One of my tasks was the study of the SAP Supply Network Collaboration system's opeartion, with especial regard to the functions connected to the opeartion of releases. During its performance I thoroughly investigated the algorithm of the due list calculation of the releases. Settings for Calculation of Due Schedule Line Quantities mean its base, that influence the handling of information related to releases and advanced shipping notification during the algorithm.

The difficulty of the present implementation in the source code is given by the methods placed dispersedly, whilst regarding its achievement it is characterised by not really efficient use of database during the due list calculation.

During my solution I tried to eliminate these difficulties with two methods. As one option I made an ABAP Report that concentrates mainly to the decrease of the dispersion of the methods. Its more advantage is the use of low number query. My other solution is based on ABAP Core Data Services technology, which has significant innovations in the field of database handling.

To summerise the experiences and results considering the difficulty of the improvement there wasn't a significant deviation in the two solutions. In comparison to the present implementation both results mean a meaningful advancement regarding its maintenance and accomplishment.


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