Building a inventory application

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the semester, my task was to develop a desktop application using Windows Presentation Foundation, which is capable of the storage and handling of complex inventory data of a large corporation, using a database connection. The software is also required to be able to import and integrate older versions of the data previously stored at the company and to create reports from the currently existing data for further procedures.

Besides the desktop application, I was also tasked with the creation of a server side API, which is responsible for handling the database operations.

The aforementioned company is the National Food Chain Safety Office. It consists of multiple sites and locations, each handling its own variety of tasks, using varying equipment.

Along with the coding of the software, I also have to introduce the different technologies, their usage and developer environments used during development.

This will be contained in the second chapter of the thesis, in which I introduce the used technologies, the usage Windows Presentation Foundation and other class libraries, which are strongly connected to it, and which make up the core of the application.

Then follows the more in depth introduction of the given problem in chapter three, together with the architectural plans, based on which I created both the user interface and the server side application.

Last but not least, I present the finished product of the development, actual realizations and the programming techniques and procedures used.


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