Development of a flywheel drive

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Storage of energy was, is and will be an important issue of electronics. Most common method is to use batteries or capacitors, depending on the amount of energy to store and the speed of charging and discharging.

However it is also possible to store energy in form of kinetic. A flywheel does exactly this. It stores energy in form of rotational energy. It has many advantages, although also disadvantages to other means of energy storage. For example, when you need very big powers over a very short time, a flywheel based energy storage could be the best solution.

To drive a flywheel with electrical energy an energy converter is needed, which is capable of converting electrical energy to kinetic and vice versa. In my thesis I describe the design process of the electronics form such a device for a flywheel based energy storage. I go through some basic physics of the flywheel, I describe the design process of the electronics and finally go through some important aspects of the software design.


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