Design of stepper motor based automatic grinding machine

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Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of the dissertation is to navigate the reader through the development and designing process of an industrial machine. In the first part of the document I introduce the phases of machinery in the past and also promoting the present state and tendency. In a few words, the reader can find out how grinding and polishing processes are made, and what were the main points of selecting the right technique for a proper grinding. At the end of my research I try to explain the major types, build and controlling methods for stepper motors.

At the professional part of the dissertation the mechanical and construction design elements are being introduced. How the major factors were determined and how I transferred them to real world values. Also, the requirements and extra functions will be mentioned. After that I try to tell the reader the important and interesting details of designing. I go through the sizing steps of linear belts and pulleys, linear guides and stepper motors.

The second part of the work is to introduce the electronical controller of the mechanics. Basically, the implementation of each functions and services in an embedded system. I try to explain the upcoming optimization solutions as well.

As a closing, I mention my future plans with the construction such as the drilling module of the machine. Furthermore, I summarize the whole dissertation by mentioning the effects of the machine and the importance of the gained experience.


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