Stepper motor drives analysing

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In todays modern automatization and drive-technical specialities it is indispensable to know the the basic types of stepping motors and their working methods. In the first part of my essay, I write a significant but detailed enough summary about these. Its not enough on its own to create a motor system availabe to accomplish special tasks, and knowledge is only knowledge, when we can adopt, and use it in practice. Next to the understanding of some driving-mode, we need the knowledge of the wide-spread electronical solutions, what make the functional realization availabe. In this spirit, I will write about some commanding-mode, and the commonly used electrical contacts, what assure proper working, in the next, great chapter. In the third and last part of my essay, I present an universal stepping motor commanding circuit, with the base of an L297 and L298 IC-pair, what I created in this semester. While I built the circuit, I gained a lot of functional experience, what I will present as well in this chapter.


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