Improving stepper motor driven measurement system

OData support
Dr. Ress Sándor László
Department of Electron Devices

In the production of semiconductor based devices the consumer demand makes it necessary to develop quality assurance techniques which are fast, can be easily automated, are nondestructive and relatively low cost.

During my thesis work I had the opportunity to get familiar with such methods through SV and SPV testing and their practical implementation in a full scale system development. I got an insight into the complexity of a system like such from both hardware and software point of view. I have dealt with the system’s stepper motor drive in detail along with it’s microcontroller based control and created a user interface to ensure a confortable usage.

Included in the software is spectroscopic mapping algorithm which contains the results of an SV and SPV measurement in a visually representative form. The expandability of the framework is ensured with an algorithm which makes it possible to import external libraries.

In the first two chapters of my thesis I briefly discuss the theory and significance of the measurement processes and the working priciple of stepper motors. In the following chapter I give an in-depth introduction of the used devices and their functionality in the system. During the introduction of the graphical user interface I give an explanation of the development decisions made along with the occurring problems and their solutions. Lastly I propose a few development possibilities for both hardware and software, which can serve as a base for the future.


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