Procedural construction and detailed visualization of destructible environments

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Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

A more immersive virtual reality or gaming experience can be achieved by augmenting the virtual world context by movable, deformable and destructible objects.

Nowadays more and more video game use destructible elements. The destructibility is often predesigned, which requires much human work. In order to reduce the work the virtual world could be built procedurally, following a set of rules. In a procedurally build world, in absence of pre-scripted animations and hand-made customization, however, it is even more desirable to ensure physically accurate behavior and detailed rendering of environmental elements.

In the first part of my thesis I introduce the basic procedural modeling approaches and the most popular solutions.

In the second part I present the ways of adding detail to the surface using textures. I summarize the best known displacement mapping techniques and their pros and cons.

Finally, I present the implementation of a new application, in which we can destroy buildings made of bricks. The buildings are built up procedurally and the details are added to the surface of the bricks using displacement mapping techniques. At the end of the chapter I present test results and I highlight opportunities for future development.


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