Porting the EAC software to PC and connecting it with simulation layer

OData support
Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The Electronic Air Control (abbreviated: EAC) is a safety-critical system that guarantees the amount and quality of the available air in commercial vehicles, with the support of high level logic.

In order to test the operation of the EAC software, it is practical to implement the test environment on PC. Since the system is embedded, it is neccessary to eliminate the hadrware dependency in order to run the software natively, exclusively on PC environment. To accomplish this, we need to simulate the low level hardware drivers, because these create the direct connection between the software and hardware.

We shall connect the software with a truck-simulation which has also been implemented in PC environment, in order to test the software under realistic circumstances.

In the thesis, firstly the EAC and the layered software architecture are introduced. Secondly, the conditions of compiling the software to PC are analyzed, and the solving process is shown. Then, the software components which are evolved in the simulation are presented, and the changes made in order to run the software on PC are described. After that, the solution of the connecting process with the truck simulation is demonstrated. Finally, the development opportunities of the testing framework are explored.


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