Computer simulation of laser ablation

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

In this thesis the laser ablation will be presented, modelled in Comsol environment.

First I present the theoretical background of the laser process and the method of the laser machining just as the phisical background of the laser ablation.

I make a model, that simulates the effect of the UV Nd:YAG laser, located at the ETT department to the copper layer, laminated on an FR4 glass fiber reinforced epoxy panel.

For the validation of the model, I make samples, that I make blind holes in with different options of laser parameters, than I measure the results. I compare these results with the results of the simulation, focusing on the diameter and depth of the holes. As long as the results of the comparison are in an acceptable margin of error, I recalculate the simulation with changed parameters and I check the results with making new samples.

Naturally, the model can be valid on a certain interval of the laser operating range, because of the intense nonlinearity of the dependence of the laser parameters.

The point of the model, that in the future we can find out the result of the machining with the given parameters with acceptable accuracy without making samples.


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