Laser Direct Processing

OData support
Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

Today, lasers are used in many places in the electronics industry a because it has multiple usability and good properties.

My dissertation objective is to describe manufacturing of printed circuit board with laser technology and prepared a comprehensive description.

I will present details of two technologies. One is the LDI Laser Direct Imaging and the other is the LDS Laser Direct Structuring. I will present the properties, features and configuration options of two technologies. These technologies are appropriate settings represent better results than traditional printed circuit board technology.

Furthermore, i will present machines that currently use in industry and compare their properties.

I will create my samples at UV Nd:YAG laser station in department using multiples setups and compare them with each other and the external pattern. I check that the test results actually improved features than the traditional technology of printed circuit board.

I make a recommendation of available fine lines and spaces.


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