PCB Laser direct struturing

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

I adumbrate the operation of lasers, then I present some different type of laser machining station.

Based on the literature I compare the types.

I present 3 laser structuring technology, the laser direct structuring on copper film as well as on copper film with tin layer on it on FR4 substrate and the laser imaging. I compare them with the traditional printed circuit board production technology.

In practice I reproduce tests with the UV Nd:YAG laser that is in the department what were made by an excimerlaser, then accordig to other tests I determine an optimal parameter setting to machining copper film with 5 µm tickness and 5 µm copper film covered with tin layer with 2µm tickness on FR4 substrate. I analyze the effect of laser parameters to the result of machining.

I design test patterns to the tests. After the wiev from above analyzis with microscope I make cross-sectional grinding from the comleted samples for further analyzis.

With the optimalised settings based on the tests results, I make a designed printed circuit board to find out, if the tested parameters was right.

According to the results I make a recommendation to the formation of wiring layers with laser.


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