Integration of a laser scanning range finder into an automotive development environment

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the context of this thesis, I integrated a UTM-30LX laser rangefinder in a Matlab SW prototyping environment and an automotive SW-development framework (called ADTF). Both the Matlab and ADTF environments are used for function development, in this context ultrasonic side view assist (SVA) function prototyping, development and validation.

SVA is a high-speed function, responsible for detecting vehicles in the blind-spot avoiding collision by warning the driver by light and sound signals when situation is considered to be dangerous. The function is only based on ultrasonic sensors installed at the corners of the vehicle. The function needs to work in all environmental conditions below a defined false positive and false negative rate.

To evaluate false positives and false negatives in the development phase, additional sensors have to be used as reference sensors. For SVA development, a camera and the UTM-30LX laser range finder is used. Both additional sensors work synchronously with the ultrasonic measurement system and their signals are saved together.

My work in this thesis was the integration of the laser measurement unit into the ADTF and Matlab frameworks. In the context of this work I got to know the software interface of UTM-30LX laser rangefinder and expanded my knowledge in the operation of the TCP/IP communication protocol. During the software development I had to rely on my C/C++ and Matlab programming language related knowledge and I also had to expand it. I used Matlab, Microsoft Visual Studio and ADTF environments for the software development.

I needed to work out a method to install the laser sensor and evaluate the saved data in terms of false positives and negatives. For this, the field-of-views of the ultrasonic and laser sensors had to be considered with the vehicle geometry together.

Finally, the first system-tests and outdoor measurements were organized to check the overall system performance.


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