Scaling Liferay applications by providing remote OSGI module deployments

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Liferay Portal provides various services to its customers. These services reqiuires different resources, and the serving time can be different too. If you run the portal on one server, a bigger task can cause peformance issues, which can be percieved by the users. One of this kind of services is the Preview service, which creates snapshots automatically about the pages of the uploaded .doc, .pdf etc files. The bigger the document, the longer it takes to finish taking snapshots, so the processing time can be long enough to be a problem. And by this time, we block other services to run smootly. However, if we delegate some functions to other servers, we can make some load-balancing, to increase response time and reduce processing time.

My task was to make the PDF Preview service available on the network by distributed OSGi, and make it possible to use this service from multiple providers. It is a portal expansion only, which means, you can choose to use the previous PDF Preview process, or to use my solution.


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