Scalability analysis of Liferay portal in cloud computing

OData support
Berényi Zsolt
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Presence on the web is critical for most companies, and this is not likely to change in the future. Enterprise Portal Systems are used for this purpose, as they provide build-in solutions for the common use-cases and are modularly extendable. Infrastructure-wise the computing cloud is expanding rapidly, allowing the rental of resources from a third party, making owning the appliances unnecessary.

It is a common problem that with the increase of users even a smaller company faces that a single computer can not service the traffic. Short term solution may be the distribution of services and vertical scalability, but a more robust solution is needed. The computing cloud’s infinite resources are also useless if the portal can not scale horizontally.

My final thesis’s theme is the analysis of the Liferay portal for the common use-cases, and it’s deployment to the cloud. I also examine the possible solutions to how an installed system can allocate resources in response to increased traffic and free them without human intervention.


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