Managing and programing elevator displays

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays companies are spending higher and higher amounts of budget on marketing, advertisments and designs to maximize their profit. For service providing businesses entertaining and keeping people occupied, gaining their trust and maintaining the standards are all important parts for increasing profits. The two areas have gained acces without boundaries into our lifes and spread into everyone’s vicinity, we can see ad sin the streets, shops even in our homes.

Elevake Hungary Kft. decided to counquer a yet unknown area, which is the panels of the elevators.

I assume that everyone used elevators in their lifes, and each of us know what it’s like to wait in there, closed in with unknown people. This time and awkward silence can be turned into an useful program, with news, weather forecasts, ads and with actuality. These method is working for the owners, advertisment companies and the users as well. as the advertisment companies have a place to be seen, the owners will gain money from the companies, and finally the users can get any information they want.

The newness int he whole method is, that the owners of the panels, can handle, control and change everything from home sitting in their armchairs. My thesis’ topic is the development of an application, that can provide this for companies, and for those who want to advertise.

The storage of the data is provided by the MySQL database, which is connected to the serverside logic which was programmed int he code lanquage of Python using Django framework. Ont he user side and the elevator panel surface was programmed with using HTML5 and JavaScript.


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