Design of elevator control with Rekoba EKM66 panel

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The assignment was on the modernisation of an old lift control system and a study of the Rekoba 6600 control card. First, a historical review is presented followed by a short general introduction to the elevator, and its electrical appliances. This is followed by an introduction to some typically used instruments that which are applied later. An older control card and control system is examined in order to point out the benefits of the new control system. The old control system contains four elevators in total, twice two units. All four elevators have two-speed drives. In the new control system, two elevators remain with two-speed drives, while one elevator is controlled by an open loop controller and the other by a closed loop controller. For this reason, they are perfect for examining the consumption. After measuring and evaluating the consumption of the old system, the same was done for the new system and a cost-benefit analysis was carried out.

After comparing the two control systems, the opportunities of the new system were analysed with the help of the concrete plans.

Due to the type of the exercise there are also many plans in the essay, which can also be found in the annex.


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