Develpoment of the microcontroller control program of the DVI Dual Link splitter

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Dr. Kollár Ernő
Department of Electron Devices

My responsibility was to develop a software product with Dual Link DVI signal distribution for microcontroller’s. The device has to be able to treat EDID management tasks, ie. should allow to emulate the EDID with our settings to the source and learning a particular EDID displayed via the appropriate instruments. As the product is capable of storing 99 EDID, I have to solve their location, and their access through the flash memory. The device has the important feature to be able to communicate with a PC adapted software developed by Lightware Ltd., thus making it easier to operate. The communication with the PC software was made possible through the implementation of a number of commands. I highlight in my thesis the esential elements of the most important standards related to my work, then I explain in detail the concrete implementation of the specific EDID management tasks, illustrated through flow charts. I also present the USB communication based commands and discuss the updating possibilities of the device software.


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