Lightware products in medical environment

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Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Lightware products in healthcare

Nowadays there is growing need for professional AV solutions on the medical market, which is the specialty of Lightware Kft. These devices could distribute, route and extend DVI and HDMI video signals in hospitals (for example between surgery and consultation rooms), clinics and other healthcare facilities.

Lightware Kft. already has complete system solution for AV professionals and the company would like to introduce these products in the healthcare market as well. The medical environment is very particular, the top priority is health-safety and risk management. Meeting the special-medical regulations can gain enough trust in the products and it is the first step to satisfy the customers.

Main points of the thesis work:

- Introduce the special regulations of healthcare environment,

- Show an example healthcare application,

- Do market research to reveal special requirements and also introduce competitor solutions,

- Follow the validation of a product.


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