Analysis of various lightweight authentication protocols in RFID environment

OData support
Gódor Győző
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Unfortunately, the more and more faster and wider spread of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) includes the installation of imprudent solutions which means a huge risk for firms or organizations applying them. The security defects have two main reasons: the first one is the small computational capacity of the tags which means that they are not able to run complex cryptographic algorithms. The second one is that the communication between the reader and the tag is easy to intercept since the medium of communication is the air.

My tasks include the introduction of the construction and the basics of operation of the RFID systems. Furthermore, in my thesis, I point the most frequent security risks and the applicable attacks out in general, then also in case of concrete protocols. Next I propose an authentication protocol which resists the most known attacks can be applied in RFID environment. I choose some of the introduced protocols, and I implement them with my protocol in a simulation environment, then I analyse and compare them in the respect of performance.


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