LisKaLand- Development of a Trading and Account Management Application

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

During the course of my thesis, I intended to introduce the steps that led to the creation of a financial and commercial account management system developed by me, as well as the functionality of the finished portal. The realisation of the information technology system necessitated that the main focus was placed on following the main ideology and the practical usage of the so called Liska model, created by Tibor Liska.

In order to pinpoint the appropriate technologies to realise the solution, I conducted an extensive study of industrial standards, long standing practices and online services of the most prominent banks in Hungary and abroad. I conducted a detailed analyses of the various frame systems that are essential to create online portals, the tools used by them and the corresponding database systems. Subsequently to the conclusion of the study, I chose the most suitable development technologies, as well as the tools that assist them and the service systems which support high volume user transactions and queries.

I considered it to be an aspect of utmost importance that consequently to the completion of my thesis a system shall come to existence that can be effectively used by the College for Advanced Studies of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and that the above mentioned system can be seamlessly utilised under realistic circumstances by the annual LisKaLand economic summer simulation carried out by the Tibor Liska College for Advanced Studies. I also regard it as highly important that the efficiency of the model developed by Tibor Liska is justified through the information technology background that I devised, which carries out this simulation and collects comprehensive information regarding transactions and events for future analyses.


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