Developing a LiveVideo TV application for GoogleTV

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Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

With the increased usage of the Internet and it’s continuously expanding services it has completely changed the modern world. Major advancement in web based applications im-proved its popularity and made it a much more entertaining experience and has become apart our everyday life.

One such service is the online search engine provided by the company Google. With this service the entire world can be researched by only one click. But the name Google has been become known not only for its search engine. This enormous company has made countless innovations and products, which has given it an unquestionable place in the history of the Internet, and we can be certain they will change our everyday life as a pioneer in the future too.

The fact is their purpose is to reform the whole TV industry with the Google TV project. With this product, a brand new platform became known, and thanks to that we could expe-rience a new side of the everyday entertainment. By combining TV’s high definition dis-plays with the quick and easy information gathering from the Internet they raised TV enter-tainment to a higher level.

The goal of my thesis is to introduce this new technology, how far it has come since its appearance, what successes have been reached, and to explore its potential and identify its disadvantages. Furthermore I will describe the functional requirements of the application, the services it provides, and then introduce my application, which can display live video streams over the Internet.

In addition, I will present a framework, whose structure and approach could give me an excellent basic for my future applications.


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