LoRa network for monitoring wave spectrum

OData support
Dr. Cinkler Tibor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The goal is, to create a wave spectrum monitoring network, using LoRa commmunication technology.

This document describes the thecniques of wave measurement, and the meter setup, I designed to take these measurements.

At the same time the thesis presents the possibilites of LoRa communication technology, such as peer-to-peer, multihop communication, client-server architecture used by LoRaWAN.

This document compares various LoRa capable modules from different manufacturers.

It also points to important questions such as where to do the calculations on the measured values. Should we send the raw data of the measurements, or is it better to send only the calculated data, which is way smaller in size, to the server? Which resource should we prefer using less of, the microprocessor calculating time, or the LoRa network’s usage time? What are the options for reducing the energy consumption of the planned devices?

In addition, the thesis presents the ideas, problems, and solutions that emerged when designing the device.

Finally, it gives a picture of the completed measuring equipment, the number of sensors used and their placement, and the programs running on the modules.


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