Developement of Location Product Side Panel to SAP APO Enhanced Product Planning Application

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

I made my Thesis at SAP Labs Hungary in the field of APO. My topic was to implement Side Panel functionality to the application of Enhanced Product Planning, where the data of one Location Product, selected in the application, must have been presented in the same way as the user configured it in the personalization.

My first duties were to get acquainted with the development tool of SAP Web Dynpro, with the PLM UI Framework technology, and with the application of SAP APO Enhanced Product Planning (EPP). I needed to study the operation of SAP NetWeaver Business Client Side Panel function and the way how to develop Side Panel CHIP in the context of Web Dynpro.

During the design I filled the concept in by having got the necessary knowledge, that I had to follow in the development phase. I had first priority of the requirements connected with the deliveries to the customer and the possibility of expansions made by the customer, through the whole project.

I worked the result of the design out by following the PLM UI Framework technology during implementation. I made the Metadata Provider including the definition of metadata, the Service Provider supporting the data flow between the database and the user interface, the Business Object class making the data supply from the database and the UI layer including the display and the personalization too.

I made different test cases after the implementation of the Location Product Side Panel function and tests on the right display of the Location Product data and on the personalization as well. I evaulated the functions and thought about the new development possibilities might occur in the future.


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